“Without logistics the world stops.” Dave Waters

Have you ever thought about how your food gets to the shops? Or how the latest PlayStation makes it to the warehouse? 

Modern life can be complicated. It relies on people using technology to ensure products can be made and sent to the shops when we need it.

For instance, think about Christmas, which is fast approaching. Do you often consider how clever it is that the shops are now filled with Christmas Crackers and food just at the right time?

Well, behind the shop front, there is a background team that are making the supply chain run smoothly. This ensures that you can have chocolate reindeer in December and chocolate eggs at Easter. Amazing really!

Those people involved in the supply are working all the time on the logistics of moving products around the world at just the right time. But as we have seen with the COVID vaccine, that might involve overcoming issues such as the need for very low temperatures.

technology apprenticeships

If you like solving problems and using your IT skills have you considered an apprenticeship in the logistics industry? This would involve using your IT knowledge to solve complex systems and to ensure things run smoothly.

Check out the Amazing Apprenticeships website where they have some really useful information including this great video on Technology Apprenticeships for the New Generation

a final thought

So, the next time you click on a phone or laptop to order a pizza think about the logistics: how the ingredients got to the takeaway; the technology that allows you to track your order and the IT that allows your pizza to be delivered to your door hot and tasty.