Insight into Apprenticeships: #TreelyConnected

This is National Tree Week, let’s stay #TreelyConnected

National Tree Week (28 November – 6 December2020) has celebrated the start of every tree planting season since 1975, planting millions of trees around the UK.

Mendip activity centre

This made me think back to last year’s start to the Insight into Apprenticeships programme. We started their programme with a day’s activity under trees with Mendip Activity Centre.

Being outside is great and they certainly had fun undertaking various teamwork challenges, while being sheltered from the rain by the trees.

we love trees!

Trees and plants are great, and we have all really appreciated the outdoor environment this year.  If you enjoy being in the outdoors why not take this passion into a career? There are some great apprenticeships waiting for you!

In fact according to the Local Government Association nearly 700,000 direct jobs could be created in England’s low-carbon and renewable energy economy by 2030, rising to more than 1.18 million by 2050!!


Career Pilot

Whether it is planting trees, or thinking about climate change, or building flood defences, or looking after the wildlife, there are numerous opportunities and pathways available. Check the Career Pilot’s job section and find out what opportunities are out there.