Julie is a loud, confident student who at times, misbehaves. Yet at the start of the programme, when asked to perform or talk in front of people, she refused. Anxiety and stage fright kicked-in, and she became very upset and anxious. After a few months on the programme, and having seen the success of her peers, Julie became determined to express herself and found her voice. At our Speech Challenge and Evaluation Day, she successfully gave a speech about the programme and how it has made a difference to her, saying:

 I have learnt how to project my voice and not be shy when I want people to hear my opinion or hear what I have to think and say… I really enjoyed every single trip on this programme and I loved being able to say what I thought and actually be heard… I really hope whoever has this programme next enjoys it as much as I did and becomes more confident as I was very shy when I first started. 
*Results are samples from individual programmes, not for all participants.


Adam was a nervous boy who struggled when he met new people. When we first met, he was withdrawn, and so worried about the details of each trip, particularly timings, that he didn’t think he could take part in the programme. With encouragement from parents, school staff, and our team, he joined, saying:

 I struggle focusing but I’m really scared to move on. 
He took a long time to settle during the first trip, relying on familiar adults/peers to support him. However, over time he grew a quiet assurance. Gradually, he began asking questions and engaging more and more.

Half way through the programme he pitched a business idea and was praised by the manager and staff at Entrepreneurial Spark. Each day he would ask about the details of the next trip which helped him enormously.

Towards the end of the programme, he admitted he’d never been out of Bristol before, but really wanted to come to the Cheltenham Science Festival. On the day, he arrived looking eager and raring to go. He got involved in every event, and showed just how far he’d come by approaching exhibitors in a huge exhibition space to find out more.

School staff have commented on his growth in confidence in a wide range of school situations and believe this is a direct result of the programme. On his final evaluation, Adam’s teacher‘s score for his confidence in Maths had increased from 2 to 8 out of 10 and he said he felt that:

 Maths is important.