“Always laugh when you can. It is cheap medicine.” – Lord Byron, 19th-century English romantic poet

Laughter is great, but as we have seen over this last year medicine is vitally important and those who make and dispense it are key workers.

Did you know that it is National Pharmacist Day on 12 January 2021?

A quick Google search will highlight that there are also several other days or weeks during the year dedicated to those who work in this area, including, ‘Ask a Pharmacist Week’. This shows how important pharmacists and those who work with them are.

The beginnings of pharmacy are ancient. From the first person who pressed juice from a succulent leaf to apply to a wound, to the complicated work that brings us new vaccines, the range of work that is involved is vast.

Have you ever thought about how medicine is made, who is involved and what an interesting career it would be?


It is not just about the pharmacist – there are a range of opportunities within the field. Why not use this time to find out more? Below are just a few suggestions.

The NHS offer an Apprenticeship in Pharmacy services assistant (level 2) among other areas.


Watch Sarah, a Boots Pharmacy Advisor, explain what her role involves and how she applied for and got the apprenticeship with Boots.


Or, if you fancy working in a lab check out Katherine’s  Career Advice on becoming a Laboratory Technician on Career Pilot where you can find out lots more information on apprenticeships.


What is stopping you finding out more?