1Each school identifies 15 young people for one of our programmes
2Young people invited to take part in the programme at a meeting in school
3Parents/carers meeting
4Monthly personal development events and activities during school time
Skills-based activities e.g. public speaking
Visits to inspiring places in/beyond Bristol e.g. cultural and heritage centres, businesses and community organisations
Which are collaborative and build character and resilience
Role models
With positive attitudes and behaviours
Feedback and affirmation
Positive affirmation and encouraging, relevant, feedback
Parents/carers meetings and regular positive feedback to families
High quality, relevant, information, advice and guidance
5Celebration and award events


Our approach brings together the best elements of teaching and youth work. We get to know the young people well, in a relaxed, informal way and focus on social and personal skills, encouraging positive character traits such as optimism, self-control and perseverence. We are also focused on skills and knowledge, and pathways to continuing education or better jobs.

Each group of 15 is led by one member of staff, who stays connected with them and their parents/carers from the beginning to the end of the programme.

Throughout our programmes, we challenge young people’s perceptions of themselves and what they can achieve, give positive, specific feedback to help them bring out their best attitudes and behaviours, and encourage optimism – a simple word, with a powerful impact.

We work in school time so that no-one misses out, but we don’t work in the school building. Instead, we take young people to new environments where they can experience, and see themselves in, different roles – from theatre attender to engineer, vlogger to banker.