“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity” – Albert Einstein

How true is this quote?

Well, if you think about the last few months it has been a difficult time. However, people have found opportunities to help support each other and scientists have found that by working together they can produce a vaccine within months when normally it takes years.

If we look at education and employment, the move to digital – although it has not been easy for all – has allowed for opportunities that would have not be there previously. For example, webinars linking up youth workers across the UK learning from each other.

This has also been the case for work experience and careers fairs. Rather than limiting yourself to the local area you can now attend career fairs across the UK and in fact have a go at several digital work experiences without having to leave home and in your own time.

Check out these great opportunities – there are loads more when you start to search.

Thought about a flying career?

Check out this opportunity, an exciting programme of inspirational talks with industry professionals, designed to help you think about your future career in the aviation industry.

How about a career in music?

BIMM Institute Half Term Workshop have two workshops focused on song writing and music production for gaming. They can be booked here.

Don't Forget...

The National Apprenticeship Show is on 10 February!

Why not use this time to seize the opportunity and have a look at careers you might not previously have thought of?