My Future Quest: Planning your next steps

This week My Future Quest is exploring how to plan for your next steps. Lockdown has been an uncertain time for many and considering options for the future may seem scary, however there are still many things that you can be doing now that will help to prepare you for the future, whether you are going to college, sixth form, university, work or doing an apprenticeship!






Why not take a look at the activities on the My Future Quest website, which include:

  • CV writing – learn why it is important for you to write a CV now, even before you go to university or college. This activity takes you through what information to include and how to organise your CV so that it makes the best impression.
  • Your options after year 11 – follow the 5 steps in this activity to discover what options are available to you over the next few years.
  • The cooking challenge – whether you are considering university, an apprenticeship or going straight into a job in the future, some of you will also be moving away from home for the first time! Being able to cook nutritious meals for yourself is a vital skill.
  • Building routines – learn how to build a routine to help you be successful, use your time effectively and efficiently and get ready for your day.


If you have any questions about your future options and you’re not sure where to find the answers, please get in touch with us and if we can’t answer your question, we will find someone who can! You can email us at