The Insight into Apprenticeships programme is designed for Year 9 and 10 who have shown an interest in the apprenticeship pathway, particularly 16-18 apprenticeships.

 I learnt what I need to do to get into an apprenticeship that I want. 
Through cohorts of 10 or 15 students, it aims to bring into sharp focus the opportunities provided by apprenticeships and improve the self-confidence of students by developing their understanding of their own personality traits and how these relate to what employers are looking for.
 I have learnt so much and the programme was fun. Bristol Port was my favourite activity because it was fun and you always had something to do. 
By visiting a range of professional working environments and meeting apprentices from different companies and industries, the students will gain a real and achievable sense of what their future could look like.
 I know now that I need qualifications but I also need a CV and the right attitude. 

Currently, the Insight into Apprenticeships programmes include the following activities:

A school-based introduction session to programme
A parent meeting to introduce families to the programme
A trip to an outdoor education centre to build teamwork amongst the group
A personality profiling day
A Speech Training day
Visits to a range of companies and workplaces to meet current apprentices and begin to understand career paths (see individual programmes)
A celebration event
Interview and application support if required in Year 10/11
 The activities were well planned and I learnt a lot about the wide range of apprenticeships open to me.