What’s right for me?

Top tips for picking your university

In our last resource pack you will have seen a short video on how to pick a course to study at Higher Education – if you missed it, you can find those resources here. This time we are focusing on how to decide which universities or HE providers you want to apply to.

There are over 150 Higher Education institutions in the UK – this means there’s a lot to choose from when picking what’s right for you! You will need to decide what universities you want to apply to during the summer of year 12 and autumn of year 13. Although picking a university or HE institution might seem like it’s going to be a tricky task, it can be made easier by taking into account the following things.


What to do if you don’t know what to do

Some of you will have a clear goal for what you would like to study or achieve in the next five years – that’s great! However, many of you may not know yet whether you would like to study at Higher Education, what you might like to study, or where you might like to live. Don’t worry – below you can find tips on how to make the best choice for you.

Take a look at The Buzz and CareerPilot quizzes for some ideas on courses and careers that might suit your personality, skills and interests. You can also explore different types of jobs on the UCAS and CareerPilot websites.


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