In 2016/17 we had the opportunity to be one of the key partners* in the National Collaborative Outreach Programme funded by HEFCE, now the Office for Students, which aims to increase the number of young people from target wards going to university.

*Along with the University of the West of England, University of Bristol, City of Bristol College and SGS College.
 The trip today has made me start thinking about actually going to university and how it can be fun and exciting. 
A key part of Future Quest is our cohort programme which replaced the smaller, highly successful programmes – Ambitions and Marvellous Me.

Being able to grow this work from six schools to 27 schools and 4 colleges and to offer it across the city now is a major development for young people and for Bristol.

 Exciting, fun and a once in a lifetime experience, eye opening, incredible, engaging. 
*As a result of Ambitions in 16/17. From 17/18 onwards, we will be tracking young people as they move on to jobs or university or other pathways.
 It was a fun experience and I feel like I can give a speech to an audience without being too nervous or not being able to do so. 
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