Check out our favourite virtual museum tours!

It feels like a long time ago since we were exploring the M-shed with our Unlocking Potential students!

Year 7 students from Bridge Learning Campus going behind the scenes at the M shed in November 2019

Our Year 7 and 8 students became curators for the day, going behind the scenes of the museum and seeing artefacts up close. It was great to get a tour, meet some inspiring volunteers and learn more about our local history. The day ended with all our students researching, writing, and delivering a speech on an artefact of their choice with some amazing results!

If, like us, you’re missing museums and art galleries at the moment, why not check out our favourite virtual museum tours that the world has to offer! From Bristol to New York, why not take a trip from the comfort of your own sofa and see if you learn anything new…

The Natural History Museum, London

Explore The Natural History Museum with a self-guided virtual tour and learn more about the world we live in! You can come face to face with a dinosaur and explore his skull in 3D or take a deep dive into the life of a blue whale! Hope is the name of the blue whale suspended from the ceiling of the entrance hall to the museum. In this interactive video, see what her life was like in the ocean, find out how she got to her home in the museum and get a behind-the-scenes peek of the museum’s collections.

Need a tour guide? Why not let Sir David Attenborough talk you through the displays!

Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

Ever seen Sunflowers or Van Gogh’s chair? After his death, Van Gogh became one of the most famous painters in the world. Thanks to Google Arts and Culture, you can now take a virtual trip through the galleries of the Van Gogh Museum and see these incredible paintings up close for yourself!

Bristol Museum, Bristol

Coming a bit closer to home, experience some of the recent exhibitions from the M Shed and Bristol Museum and Art Gallery with just one click! Or why not explore stories about Bristol, from prehistoric times to present day, through the city’s objects, art and people and learn more about the city you live in.

Don’t miss one of our favourite stories, 19 Black Bristol women who have made a difference and helped changed our city for the better!

The British Museum, London

Want to travel through time and space? Check out this amazing ‘Museum of the World’ interactive tour from The British Museum and learn how the history of the world is all connected! Find out the fascinating backstories of artefacts in the museum and browse exhibits by continent, category, and date.

Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art, New York

These immersive 360° videos let you explore the famous The Met as never before. Experience the magic of standing in an empty gallery after opening hours, check out the bustling crowds of visitors in a time-lapse or float high the galleries for a bird’s-eye view of the museum. Try it on your phone for some cool results!

The Roman Baths, Bath

Step back 2000 years in time as you visit the Roman Baths! This virtual tour makes you feel like you’re really there as you pass through the front door and ticket office on your way to famous baths. Check out the all the rooms on the right side of your screen to learn about the people who bathed here and the gods who were worshipped.

Vatican Museum, Italy

If you’re after impressive architecture, try these virtual tours of the Vatican Museum in Vatican City. Don’t forget to look up for some nice surprises!


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