The Discover Maths programme was devised to enable students to gain a better understanding of how maths in the classroom links to maths in the real world. Throughout the year students visit a range of settings to see how maths is applied on a day-to-day basis. The activity days offer plenty of opportunities to reflect on the maths observed, to consider future career options and to build confidence.
 I have seen a big increase in the confidence of the students when dealing with unfamiliar people, environments and food! They have been exposed to situations they would not have normally encountered, which has been beneficial. 


 It was a good opportunity for the expansion of student perception of STEM, in school there is not enough exposure to STEM and this gave students ideas of paths to take. 

Teacher feedback following Cheltenham Science Festival 2019


John was at risk of exclusion, but family support for Discover Maths helped him to succeed.

John was very withdrawn at the students’ meeting and decided not to take part in the programme. His mother was keen that he should take the opportunity and, following encouragement from the school, he decided to have a go.

Although he had some difficulties conforming to the structure of the programme, he had 100% attendance and was clearly encouraged from home. His family noticed that he’d grown in confidence, had a better understanding of his future choices, and had developed an increased interest in maths. His own feedback shows he has become more confident in maths and is enjoying STEM (science, technology, engineering, maths) subjects far more.

At the end of year celebration he was clearly very proud to receive his certificate in front of his family. It’s almost certain that the strong family support he received contributed to his success on the programme.

 It is fantastic to see maths woven seamlessly into the day in such a way students engage in a huge amount of maths they would have seen in class but now this is reinforced in the context of Bristol and engineering. 

Teacher feedback following Underfall Yard visit 2019

Student meeting
Parent meeting
Clifton Suspension Bridge visit
University of Gloucestershire visit
South Bristol Skills Academy cooking day
Aerospace visit
Coutts Bank visit
Underfall Yard engineering day
Science Park visit
Cheltenham Science Festival
Celebration Event
 She has been really interested in maths in the real world and we have talked about this at home. She has got a renewed energy for maths. 

Parent feedback 2019

 So much to see and do – the activities gave us a different perspective of engineering and maths. 

Student feedback 2019