Crazy Comic Challenge!

This week all Learning To Lead students will receive a comic pack. It includes two Beano comics and some Beano postcards!

Beano comics for our students!

The challenge is simple – send us a picture reading the comic in a crazy or unusual way for our comic gallery. Maybe you could read your comic in fancy dress or in an unusual place? As a thank you we will send out another comic for you to enjoy!

If you enjoy reading about Dennis the Menace – the world’s wildest boy, or discovering Roger the Dodger’s tricks or following Minnie The Minx adventures you should take a look at all the activities and games on the Beano website.

If you love jokes check out this link to find more jokes to make you chuckle!

Ask a grown up to take a picture with you and your comic and send it to us either by email ( or by text message (07377733929). We can’t wait to see your photos!