“Tomorrow is going to be better than today, even if today was a good day.” – Captain Sir Tom Moore

It was sad to hear of the passing of Captain Sir Tom Moore and much has been written about him and his positivity. It was amazing that one elderly gentleman could bring a nation together just when the country needed him most.

He not only raised money but inspired others to get involved volunteering and helping each other and what a great legacy he started. 


As Sir Tom often said he could never imagine that not only would he raise so much money but also that he would do so much in his latter years. But it was his charm and positivity that drew everyone towards him, and it all started with one small step.


This got me thinking back to my first blog post for the Aspire programme which was about taking small steps to reach your goal. The last blog post focused on Children’s Mental Health Week so I thought I would link the two blogs, taking inspiration from Captain Sir Tom to highlight some of the steps to mental wellbeing:

  1. Be active – it can be a walk or a jog or simply dancing in your bedroom
  2. Keep learning – try a new skill; art, cooking, singing
  3. Give – think back to our kindness cards and remember those small kind acts
  4. Take notice – mindfulness, be aware of the present


If you are struggling, don’t worry there are plenty of people willing to help and support young people:

The children’s charity Young Minds

Childline   0800 1111

To quote Sir Tom again,

“The hardest part is the first step; once you’ve done that, if you do another one, it becomes a natural thing.”

So, whether it is learning something new or talking to someone for support, take that first step.  



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